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April 2019

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Hello and welcome to our newsletter.

The CPNQ is a non-profit incorporated association whose membership consists of individual organisations with a proactive interest in the prevention of fraud and corruption in the public, education and private sectors.

Articles or suggestions from our members for future newsletters are more than welcome. If you wish to contribute, or have any feedback or suggestions, please email Adrian.

Any views expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views of the CPNQ Committee or CPNQ affiliates.

Deterring, Preventing, Detecting Fraud & Corruption
  • What's your integrity agenda? Bridge the gap between intentions and behaviorn“Integrity is conforming reality to our words – in other words, keeping promises and fulfilling expectations,” wrote educator and author Stephen Covey in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Integrity is at the core of every organization’s risk, compliance and anti-fraud program. A successful organization stays true to its mission, keeps its promises and respects laws while understanding ethical norms.

  • Why you should encourage whistleblowing in the workplace Organisations should encourage all employees to report suspected incidents of fraud, corruption and misconduct. A robust whistleblower policy encourages more employees to speak up, helps them feel that their opinions and complaints matter, and that the organisation or agency is serious about addressing unethical behaviour. Overall, it helps to reinforce a culture of transparency, honesty and accountability.

  • Is it ethical or even lawful to microchip your staff? The idea that firms could microchip their staff raises a set of complicated questions, says Jane Crosby, partner at law firm Hart Brown.

Fraud & Corruption Risk

  • Key points and recommendations of the banking royal commission report - Banks face prosecutions over misconduct and ‘conflicted’ pay systems to be banned as regulators put on notice to fix the industry or face the axe. Kenneth Hayne’s report into the banking and financial services industry makes 24 referrals to the regulators Asic and Apra to take action over misconduct. It also made 76 recommendations for how the problems can be fixed and contained scathing criticism of executives

  • Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog IBAC will have fewer public hearings Public hearings by Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog will be restricted to only the most serious investigations of major public importance, with experts warning the changes will further limit its powers to investigate.

Thanks to our Contributors!
We would like to thank all our contributors for sharing articles of interest.

Training & Information Sharing Opportunities
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Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference - APSAC - Melbourne: 29-31 October 2019

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Convenor's Message
Greetings CPNQ colleagues

2019 is shaping up as a year of action in the fraud and corruption space..

Thank you to all who attended our panel discussion on 14 March on what 2019 holds for ethics and integrity. We had an impressive panel including Alan MacSporran, CCC Chairperson; Dr Nikola Stepanov, Qld Integrity Commissioner, Angela Pyke, Deputy Qld Ombudsman and our very own Jacqui Wootton, Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills and CPNQ Secretary. Thanks especially to David Lavell, our CPNQ Events Coordinator, for organising a very pleasant, comfortable and professional venue for the panel discussion, the UQ City Campus in Queens Street. The event gave us all a lot to think about and some tips on what to expect from our key integrity agencies, some of which is taking shape already.

On matters fraud and corruption the year continues to see action in the Courts and criminal justice system with recent convictions, jail sentences, extradition and criminal charges of local and State government employees/former employees and private business people that have colluded with those employees. I think we will see more of the same as the year progresses. The resulting news articles make good cautionary tales and case study material for fraud and corruption prevention training.

The CPNQ Management Committee are currently working towards our next exciting event with a particular focus on culture and we are keen to hear from you about what and who you would like to see, hear or find out about. We look forward to hearing from you

On behalf of the Management Committee I wish you and your families a safe and restful time over the coming Easter and other public holidays.


Jim Meyers

A bit of humour
Toilet Paper Thief Gets Trapped

A man who tried to steal toilet paper from a Redfern chemist got more than he bargained for when he became trapped trying to break out.

Police were called to the Gold Cross Pharmacy at around 4.30am after noticing the man stuck between a glass door and metal security gate. Upon their arrival, the man began verbally abusing police and telling them to stop laughing at him.

The man was eventually freed from his ‘temporary prison’ at around 5am. Despite being caught red-handed, the man protested his innocence – claiming that the glass doors had opened by themselves, and he was just trying to ‘check it out.’ He also claimed to have a ‘water tight alibi.’

Unconvinced, police placed him under arrest and took him back to the station, where he was charged with break and enter with intent and breaching his bail conditions.

Source: Sydney Criminal Laywers

Words of Wisdom

No legacy is so rich as honesty.
William Shakespeare