CPNQ Membership

Do you have an interest in the prevention of fraud and corruption in the public and/or private sectors? Then you should join the Corruption Prevention Network Queensland.

CPNQ membership is open to individuals and organisations. Our current membership includes academics, local and Queensland State government employees, Federal Government employees and individuals associated with both large and small private sector organisations.

Benefits of becoming a member

Members are eligible to attend informal breakfast networking and formal presentation meetings hosted by the CPNQ. Further, you will also receive the CPNQ newsletter containing details of upcoming events and links to better practice materials.

Networking opportunities with practitioners involved directly with corruption and fraud prevention across a broad range of roles including:

  • Investigation.
  • Audit.
  • Training and education.
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Legal and policy.
  • Research and evaluation.
  • Risk management.
  • Proactive prevention strategies.
  • Change management.

What is expected of you?

The objective of the network is to facilitate the sharing of information and experiences between members and other interested parties. As members, we seek your active contributions and suggestions to further develop our e-resources collection and participation in CPNQ events and activities.

Members of the network are required to comply with the foundational principles and obligations outlined in the CPNQ Code of Conduct in their dealings, interactions and activities as representatives and participants of the CPNQ.


CPNQ is a voluntary organisation and is not insured for public liability.

Members, visitors and others should take this into consideration when deciding whether to participate or otherwise be involved in CPNQ.

CPNQ Membership

Want to join us?

Per clause 7 of our Rules of Association your application for membership will be considered at the next Management Committee.