We are honored to have Linda Waugh, Queensland Integrity Commissioner, as our CPNQ Patron.

Linda Waugh was appointed Queensland Integrity Commissioner on the 5 December 2022, and commenced the role on 14 December 2022.  

Ms Waugh has had a long career working in a range of integrity bodies at both the state and federal levels, and was most recently the Merit Protection Commssioner for the Australian Public Service and Parliamentary Service.  

Ms Waugh has been appointed for a five year term.  

The role of the Integrity Commissioner involves:

  • Providing confidential advice on ethics and integrity matters to Ministers, members of the Legislative Assembly, ministerial staff, senior public servants, and other persons or classes of persons nominated by a Minister.
  • Regulating lobbyist activity and maintaining the lobbyists register.
  • Raising public awareness of ethics and integrity matters.
  • Standard setting on ethics and integrity matters at the request of the Premier.

For more information or details go to Queensland Integrity Commissioner.


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