CPNQ is managed by an elected body with office bearers acting on a voluntary basis on a 12 month term.

Jim Meyers


Jim is a career public servant having spent 37 years working in the Qld Public Service. Jim has worked in ethical standards, integrity and governance units for the past 19 years and worked for the Queensland Ombudsman’s Office for six years.

Jim has a broad range of experience in areas of public administration including education, corrections. Ombudsman, primary industries, economic development and local government. Jim has a strong passion for preventing fraud and corruption and for ethical public administration.

Steve Bennett

Deputy Convenor

Steve’s career as a private investigator has spanned nearly 20 years. In the past 10 years Steve’s focus has been workplace investigations. These have mainly been for all three levels of government, but also NGOs, not-for-profits and private corporations.

In the past 5 years or so, Steve has specialised further in focusing on working with local government. This has included working for the Department of Local Government, investigating allegations against elected officials as well as being engaged directly by Councils to conduct investigations into allegations against Council employees.

Patricia Morris


Patricia Morris has over 15 years of practical experience in complaints management and investigation specialising in workplace misconduct and corrupt conduct within the public sector including Queensland and Federal Government. 

Patricia is an Australian Lawyer on the roll of the Supreme Court of Queensland and is employed by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General as an Ethics Consultant for the Ethical Standards Unit. She has previously worked for the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) assessing complaints of corrupt conduct for the Integrity Service branch and in regulatory roles including experience within the Misconduct and Breach Reporting unit of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 

Patricia also has experience in alternate dispute resolution through her work as a Senior Analyst for the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal in Victoria. Patricia’s special professional interests include, procedural fairness, misconduct prevention, alternate dispute resolution and ethical culture in the workplace. Patricia was the CPNQ Deputy Convenor in 2020.

Vili Nase


Velislava is a Lawyer with experience in the public and private sector in Australia and internationally. She specialises in litigation, commercial law, administrative law, human rights, family law, property law, criminal law and wills and estates. 

In her previous role as lawyer at the Office of the Independent Assessor her practice focused on complex conflict of interest and material personal interest matters, ethical and legal standards for councillors, and investigations. 

Velislava has international experience as an in-house Lawyer in a major European IT & Telecommunications service provider where she advised on public procurement, intellectual property and contracts. Velislava joined CPNQ in 2019.

Wendi Watkins


Wendi is a qualified, experienced risk and assurance specialist having worked in the industry over 24 years across Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. She is experienced with building and leading risk management and internal audit teams.

Wendi has a strong ethical standing and is passionate about understanding sharing and mitigating fraud and corruption risks. Wendi believes that CPNQ provides a suitable platform to bring relevant discussion to the table and through collaboration, support and learning from shared experiences and expertise we can collectively improve our awareness and strategies to safeguard our organisations.

Part of Wendi’s history has seen her actively involved in the Sensible Sentencing Trust in NZ as their Regional Coordinator. The Sensible Sentencing Trust NZ supports victims of crime and advocates for sentences that are appropriate and mitigate the risk of reoffending.

David Lavell


David is the Director, Integrity Unit, University of Queensland. His previous roles included Director, Ethical Standards Unit Department of Community Safety (Qld Govt), Assistant Director, Ethical Standards Unit Department of Education and Training, Queensland Police Service (QPS) including attached to the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT).

With the QPS, David was attached to the Strategic Compliance and Enforcement Unit as a Detective Senior Sergeant but also worked as a Detective in regional Queensland, and Officer in Charge, Proceeds of Crime Unit, Major Fraud Investigation Group. David has a Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Policing (Investigations), and Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment. David is the currently the Events Coordinator of CPNQ.

Howard Whitton

Assistant Secretary

Howard has been involved in Corruption Prevention since 1991, in a series of responsible roles in Australia (including in Queensland from 1995-2002) and internationally since 2002. His particular focus is on Corruption prevention and Ethics programs and legislation, Whistleblower law and policy, and capacity-building in both fields. 

Howard is the Founding Director of the Ethicos Group, a Brisbane-based specialist collaborative of 24 experts in the fields of Administrative Ethics, Corruption Prevention, Whistleblower protection, and Public Governance.

Adrian Galea


Adrian is a long term and active CPNQ Committee member responsible over the years for various aspects of the Network. As an employee of Queensland Rail for over 35 years, Adrian has a determined interest in ethical behaviour in government service. He holds a Master of Commerce, and is a Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, and licenced investigator.